Touchable and Tangible God Video Seminar
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…What if there was a lost understanding of what Jesus actually promised? An understanding that once revealed would open the door to the most powerful relationship with God imaginable!
From 20 years research in the lives of people who have
experienced an unusual encounter with God comes a powerful
ground-breaking seminar on intimate relationship with God.

God is not looking at your actions, but at your heart motives – why you do what you do. And it is these motives that determine His response and interaction into your life on a moment by moment basis. Yet wonderfully it is not your responsibility to create these heart conditions! God has promised to change and give you a new heart. NOW, step by step, walk through this revelation. Listen and watch as each heart condition is explained, then as each is intimately demonstrated…and finally, EXPERIENCE this life-changing interaction with God for yourself!

Practical, informative, life-changing. You were created for another world. One where you were always in God’s tangible Presence. Millions have experienced it. …Few live in it. NOW – come experience what many believe impossible. Come and encounter a TOUCHABLE AND TANGIBLE GOD!

(Reports continue to flood in of individuals finding immediate freedom from lives of depression, fear, anxiety, anger, and struggles with destructive habits as this encounter takes place. Some even reporting of physical healing taking place!)

Packet includes 5 DVDs, “Tangible God” step-by-step instructions, Pocket “Heart Motive” Reminder Cards, and downloadable syllabus.

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