Touchable and Tangible God – Living Without Emotional Pain

Living without emotional pain? How is that possible? And does God even promise this sort of life to us? So much pain in this life…and yet every follower of God believes that He in someway lives within them. But if that’s true, then why does His Presence seem so powerless within each of our lives? Is there a possibility followers of God have missed something Jesus taught? And because of this lost revelation now live emotionally painful lives? Come discover the secret for why most people live in unnecessary emotional pain. See the lost plan of Jesus to restore you to overwhelming God intimacy! …And the God created “heart motives” that will now cause you to experience an intimacy with God like none you may have ever imagined before! Come and discover a… TOUCHABLE AND TANGIBLE GOD

Overcoming Destructive Habits

“…A revolutionary breakthrough!” From a 30 year search for answers to his own problems with alcohol and immorality, Rod Pruitt gives a profound, yet practical step by step guide to help walk any person out of whatever destructive habit they may be struggling with! …Over-eating, drug or alcohol abuse, shopping, pornography, sex, gambling, hours of video games or television, etc. – all are only surface symptoms of a greater problem. Includes a special guide to help identify your own “emotions of empowerment”. PLUS: The 30 Day Challenge!