Rod Pruitt

Rod & Kathy

Born on the “caprock” in the southwest city of Lubbock, Texas, in December of 1951, Rod grew up in a conservative Christian home. Being only one of two children, he was taught by example that life without God was not something to ever be considered.

But then at sixteen years old, after joining the church at 12, Rod, now disillusioned and cynical, became an agnostic. “There just wasn’t enough proof of any change in the lives of other Christians, or in my own life, to convince me that God existed!”

Then, at twenty years old, after completing premed at Texas Tech University and only a few years of going through the “reproof of life”, late one night Rod miraculously experienced the presence of God, when he for the first time unconditionally surrendered his life to the love and Lordship of Christ.

Now preparing to leave for optometry school, Rod once again felt God call. But this time it was God asking if he was willing to “minister to the Saints?” Within one month Rod was a theology major in a Bible University.

But after leaving the University, and then pastoring a church in Oklahoma for only five years, Rod now burned out, left the pastorate more disillusioned then ever. And, with a decision to never become involved in ministry leadership ever again!

But hidden from everyone, Rod was still struggling with two dark secrets that had troubled him since childhood – the emotional escape he found in alcohol abuse and immorality!

“For all of those years I was searching for a way to escape. Nothing worked! The world taught me how to cope, but Christianity taught me nothing. All I found were platitudes and empty phrases, but no relief!”

But then, after dealing with the addictions of his secret sins for so long, Rod finally discovered the escape from the torment he had gone through for over thirty years! …The daily surrender of his life back to the passion of the love relationship with God he had lost so many years ago! And in the return of this “prodigal” to the Father’s house, Through the Storm ministries was born in October of 1997!

As a result of Rod’s life experiences, and the “Life Message” placed within his heart by God , it is the passion of Through the Storm to present a practical, working gospel to Christians worldwide. – Helping those lost in the difficulties of life find the power of God to live in His peace, love, faithfulness, joy patience, and righteousness. Rod is the creator of the national seminar for pastors, “Finding Your Life Message!”, and the national seminars, A Touchable and Tangible God, and Living Without Emotional Pain!

Kathy Pruitt

1954…born in a strict Catholic home, as one of six children raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Kathy’s heart was always searching for God’s care. Retreating to the isolation of a convent at 13, she would wrestle with a decision of whether or not to live a life separated from the world. But only after two years, Kathy realized that those outside her haven needed someone to help them find the love of God more than she needed the safety of the convent. And so with a voice that God gifted, blended with a spirit that cried for those in need, Kathy began a ministry that would take her into every major city across America and internationally around the world.

“To experience God’s love, if only for a moment, is to cross a line of change that can never be forgotten.”

Now for over thirty years, Kathy has traveled nationally and internationally singing with a desire to help people know God intimately.

“When people come to hear me sing they come for different reasons. Some are there just for the music or the ‘show’. Others because they desire to do what I’m doing. And then some come just because they are desperate to feel someone cares about them.”

“People are separated from God for different reasons. I know that. And because of that when I sing I use every ounce of my energy and every moment focused on stripping away whatever separates them from His love. I don’t care why they come, as long as when they leave,…they have felt He loves them!”

Kathy’s ministry has reached beyond the borders of the United States into the nations of Canada, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Zimbabwe, and throughout South Africa.