There is absolutely no group of people more important in helping us reach a world of hurting people with the message of how a person can experience an intimate – touchable and tangible – relationship with God than our partners!

How many lives will be changed? How many desperate people who have been searching for God will find Him in a way they never thought possible? …And also find the peace and love they have yearned for so long? There is no way for us to know. BUT ALREADY WE ARE SEEING MIRACLES HAPPEN!

…Marriage relationships saved and healed, people who for years have struggled with addictions and destructive habits finally finding freedom, years of depression ended in the lives of many who had just given up, suicides stopped, and greatest of all…countless numbers of people around the world now finding God touchable and tangible! (Just take the time to read some of the remarkable testimonies under “Endorsements“)

This website has been designed to provide a “user friendly” course to help walk you, those you love and care about, and literially millions around the world into the relationship with God that they have always hoped for! (Missionaries all around the world have been waiting for this tool!)

…If you have been looking for something to help you compassionately reach your neighbors, co-workers, relatives, and those you love with something that will – once and for all – PROVE THAT GOD IS REAL and can be experienced touchable and tangible in a person life…then this is the ministry for you! (take the time to read the two sections that first come up on this site, become a part of the experiment, and then begin introducing others to a touchable and tangible God!)

How much does God love us? More than any of us could ever imagine! Isn’t that unbelievable? The Creator of the universe loves us unconditionally! And in response to His great love, we now hunger to help others know God as intimately as possible! Can you understand why with everything inside of me, I must help others know Him in a touchable and tangible way? I must!

…And if you decide to become a part of this ministry – a partner with me – then this is the great cause you are becoming joined with. TO KNOW GOD INTIMATELY – THERE IS NO GREATER NEED!

So how do you become a Through the Storm Partner? Just by simply making a decision to help us – to join us in this great cause – and then choosing whatever financial commitment you are comfortable with. Do not feel pressured. PLEASE, more than anything else I want people whose hearts are with me!

There is much to do. If your heart is with me, then PLEASE…I need your help!

YES, Rod I want to become a Through the Storm Partner. My heart is with you!

Monthly Subscription
You can make your monthly Partner Pledge automatically by clicking on a Subscribe button for the amount you choose. (The subscription payment is handled by PayPal. more info)

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Monthly Pledge
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Monthly Pledge

By Postal Mail
If you prefer to send your monthly Partner Pledge to us by postal mail then please make your check out to Through the Storm Ministries and mail it to the address below.

Through the Storm Ministries
PO Box 701607
San Antonio, TX 78270

Please email me a monthly reminder of my pledge.

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