Max Lucado

Max Lucado
Pastor and Author
Oak Hills Church, San Antonio, Texas

“Rod has a contagious passion to bring people to really know Jesus. I’ve seen it in his eyes as we’ve talked. I’ve heard it in his messages as he’s spoken. I considered it a great honor to have Rod and Kathy at Oak Hills Church. They demonstrated integrity in their ministry at this church. And although they have many needs, they never came making requests. Just the opposite, they came seeking to serve! And I’m confident that both will be the same anywhere they minister. Rod and Kathy are good friends. And they will be a dear gift to your congregation.”

Malcom Smith

Malcolm Smith
Author and Biblical Teacher
Unconditional Love Ministries

“In all of the years of my ministry, I have never written a letter asking any pastor to prayerfully consider having another minister come to their church to speak. I am going to break that tradition today! Thirteen years ago, Rod Pruitt, a burned-out pastor, came to work for me. He was a minister who had vowed to himself that he would never minister again. And keeping that vow, for over twelve years he labored faithfully with my ministry. But for the past years, he has felt the pull of God’s Spirit to take a message to the entire Body of Christ. A call to compassionately bring others back to an intimate relationship with God, back to Jesus really being the Lord of their lives! Pastor, I highly recommend this man and the work of God in his life. So much so that I am asking you to prayerfully consider having Rod come and minister to the people in your church.”