Rod Pruitt

A Personal Commitment from Rod Pruitt

I believe with all of my heart, most of the cruel and destructive actions of any person, are created out of a heart that is living in unending emotional pain. Emotional pain that is present because of a life lived separated from God!

Each of us are born into this separation. And whether we believe in God or not, we still feel His absence. We feel alone, afraid, unprotected, unneeded, unwanted, and unloved. And as a result of this “God void” in our lives, and the emotional pain it produces, all of us begin to look for a “God substitute” to fill the emptiness.

As a child, we look to our parents. As a teenager, to our friends. As a young adult, to a husband or wife. Later, we look to jobs or careers, children, or even a religion or ministry. But no matter the source, again and again, we are forced to face the fact that none of our “God substitutes” have the ability to fill this empty void!

And sadly, even for some Christians, God seems to be distant, elusive, as if He were playing some heavenly game of “hide and seek.” Ask yourself this question. What sort of life did Jesus actually promise you? A peace that passes all understanding? A joy, that the people who have chosen to live apart from God, cannot comprehend? Unconditional love that destoys your fears? A righteousness that is not your own? Or in other words,…a righteousness that does not have to be struggled to be kept!

My deepest desire is to somehow help destroy any distance found between truth and reality in your life as a Christian. Don’t you think that for too long, we have settled for less than His best? I promise when your life is lived in dependancy and unconditional abandon, lost in a “head-over-heals” love relationship with Jesus, fiction will become truth, and all that He ever promised…will then become reality!

The “Life Message” of Through the Storm Ministries

Within the heart of every minister is a passion, a specific direction of inspiration, placed there by God. It is specific to the individual and to the calling of that person. It is their “Life Message.”

This passion motivates, directs, and influences almost every action and decision the individual makes in their life. As a result, it will also direct what “causes and needs” their ministry will deem worthy of embracing, and in what direction they will guide those they care about. Understanding the need of a person to know the “Life Message” of a ministry in order to determine the effect of the ministry upon their life, here is the “Life Message” of Through the Storm.

Because we live in an unforgiving world, a world which demands it’s own way, where it often seems that only the fittest survive, where greed is considered by many an honorable attribute, and right is often determined only by the circumstance of each person’s situation, and because mankind has chosen to live in this world independent of God’s presence and rule, we live in constant, unending pain! – emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

And although many may not even believe in God, they will still feel His absence. Mankind feels unloved, unwanted, afraid, rejected, empty, devoid of purpose, isolated, and overwhelmed by life.

It is our belief that this emptiness and sense of being unwanted and unloved, can only be ended by a person experiencing God’s presence and the life He brings into that individual!

We also believe that no person can ever, as a lifestlye, experience the presence of God, with the fullness of His unconditional love, peace, joy, and righteousness without a surrender or total abandon of their live to knowing and loving Him – without exception, without compromise, without hesitation (Phil 3:4-10)

For without this abandon to God being the “first love” of our lives, we each have chosen in our own way to live our lives separated from a dependence on Him. And, as a result, any effort to live the Christian life apart from this daily abandon to love Jesus above all…will be found to be impossible!


Because of this “Life Message”, we find ourselves fervently committed to encourage, exhort, and teach people worldwide how to experience an intimate relationship with God through the surrender and abandon of their lives to a passion for loving God! And, as a result of this surrender, we believe that each individual will find in that experience a path of healing for the emotional, physical, and mental pain felt in their lives!


Teaching Seminars – with seminars like, “A Touchable and Tangible God”, ” Living Without Emotional Pain”, and “Finding your Life Message!”, Rod and Kathy have ministered to thousands around the world!

Monthly Teaching Letter – monthly, Through the Storm, reaches out to those who are hurting, broken hearted, or who are just searching for “more of who Jesus said He would be” in their lives, with a caring letter to answering Christian’s unanswered questions!

Humanitarian Efforts – since its beginning Through the Storm has worked with other organizations and foreign pastors to help end the physical suffering of others through such efforts as food and medical support, the establishing of children’s homes, and the use of Rod’s teachings to help end the spread of AIDS in Africa