“A Touchable and Tangible God” Seminar

Seminar Facts: A more accurate translation of the Greek record of what Jesus said in Matthew 5:8 would be, “Fortunate are those who are clear and clean in their thoughts and feelings, for they shall gaze with wide open eyes at something remarkable – at God!”

So what does that mean for the person who wants to experience a touchable and tangible God? It means that their “motives” (yours, mine, and everyone’s) for wanting to experience God’s presence have to be pure! No alternative reasons – not to get God to solve some problem, to releive painful emotions, to change a relationship, nor for power, fame, money, position,  etc – ONLY FROM A SINCERE DESIRE JUST TO KNOW GOD INTIMATELY!

. . . A Touchable and Tangible God seminar is based on 4 powerful “heart motives” revealed in scripture that create a heart that is “completely God’s”, and finally challenging those attending to spend the next 30 days talking to God each day about these “attitudes”, and asking Him to create these new heart motives within their own life! One of the most eye-opening seminars on the heart of God ever given! Who should attend? – EVERYONE!

Major Areas Covered:

  • Session 1: What did Jesus Promise This Like Would Be Like? How did Jesus describe the Christian Life? What does it look like, feel like? Take an honest look at what Jesus promised! How you got into this mess? Why do you do what you do? And finally how your “belief system” works to program you not to experience an intimate relationship with God!
  • Session 2: God’s Secret Plan for You! Hear the most important conversation recorded in the history of the world! And learn how it reveals God’s secret plan for you to experience His presence!
  • Session 3: Your First Hear Motive: Desperately Dependent! What is a “desperately dependent heart”? Discover how DAILY living desperate for God can free you from the emotional pain in your life!
  • Session 4: Second Heart Motive: A Clean and Expectant Heart! Scripture tells us that without “faith” no one can experience God’s presence. But shame and guilt can keep you from expecting to experience His presence! Learn how to DAILY live “washed” free from these destructive emotions – and to begin experiencing God’s presence!
  • Session 5: Third Heart Motive: Your First Love. Take an intense look into possible areas of your life where there might be “God substitutes”. Learn how and why you chose them, the pain they cause, how to get rid of them, and finally how God can become your “first love” each day. 
  • Session 6: Third Heart Motive: A Totally Surrender Servant! Discover how the DAILY radical exchange of the ownership of your life will finally open the door for you to experience and feel the actual presence of God!

“Living Without Emotional Pain!” Seminar

Seminar Facts: According to the U.S. Surgeon General’s 1999 report on mental illness in America, released December 13, 1999, 1 out of every 4 Americans is suffering from some form of mental illness! And, this year, for every 2 murders in America there will be 3 suicides! In other words, if you live in America, you should have a greater fear of the probability of killing yourself, than of being murdered by someone else!

Job pressures, loss or difficulties in relationships, financial fears, living with a sense of your life being out of control, overwhelmed by feelings of being alone, deserted, or unloved – No matter what impossible crisis you may be facing, you can learn to live free from the daily emotional pain it produces! Who is this seminar for? – EVERYONE!

Major Areas Covered:

  • Part 1: How our “Belief Systems” in America have deprogrammed us from ever having an intimate relationship with God!
  • Part 2: The number one reason Christians do not feel God’s presence! What did Jesus really promise us this life should be like, and why most people do not experience it! How you can daily connect with God’s presence so your emotional needs are met! The door to God’s presence, how to open it, what to expect, and why most have not found it!
  • Part 3: How to overcome the most difficult fears in your life! Handling the fears of a crisis. Learning to trust God for the impossible!
  • Part 4: How does God speak to us?
  • Part 5: The expectations which are destroying your relationships! How to release them! How to have the needs within your expectations met. How to build a lasting relationship!