It’s difficult to believe in God, isn’t it? For someone to come to a conclusion that God does not exist really doesn’t take that great of a stretch of someone’s imagination. Just look at all of the suffering in the world – the hunger, the cruelty, the greed, the lack of compassion and love. If there is a God, how could he ever allow such endless torment and misery? And if real – then why in all the world would he also choose to play a heavenly game of “hide and seek” with mankind? Why would he be so untouchable, elusive, and unseen? Anyone with courage to step out of the fear imposed conformity so often created by world religions could easily come to the conclusion – THERE IS NO GOD!

But just for a moment, consider the thought – what if there is a God – really is a God? Yes, I know you don’t believe this to be true. But what if I told you I believe I can prove his existence to you? That I can actually provide tangible proof that God exists. And that I believe he will reveal himself to you in a “touchable and tangible” way?

If this is really possible, are you interested?

I promise – there will be no mind games or deceptive presentation designed to slowly but surely get you involved in some world religion. Nor any effort to deceive you into becoming a part of some bizarre cult. I promise. In fact if you ever emotionally feel pressured to do something you don’t want to do because of what is written in this website would you please take the time to write to me at Through the Storm, PO Box 701607, San Antonio, Texas, 78270 and let me know so I can evaluate the possibility that some part of the site needs to be rewritten.

I don’t know exactly why you believe what you believe. But honestly I can understand why someone might not believe in God. Even though I was raised in a religious home, by the time I was sixteen years old I had become agnostic in my beliefs.  I wasn’t bitter toward those who felt a need to be religious. (I thought if someone needed to become a member of some “religious club” to help them handle the difficulties in their life – then that was okay.) But for me? There just wasn’t enough “tangible” proof to convince me that God existed.

I still would not have considered myself atheistic in my beliefs. It was the early 1970′s. And although I didn’t believe there was any proof for the existence of God, I was still searching for meaning and purpose in my own life. As a consequence, and desiring to systematically eliminate any possibilities in my search, I decided to take one last “open” look at other religious beliefs.

So I began an objective study of a small grouping of world religions – Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, and Judaism. And although I confess my study was not extensive or pervasive, in the end I made a decision to limit my exploration just to Christianity (more specifically to the actual teachings of Jesus). Why Christianity – why Jesus? For one reason and one reason only – in my examination of world religions, none of them, nor any of their founders ever promised an intimate relationship with God (one where you could really experience God’s presence). That is except one…Jesus.

In fact, after a careful study of what Jesus actually promised, and how he proposed an intimate relationship with God could become reality in a person’s life, I shockingly discovered for myself that if a person approached God in the way Jesus taught…God would become what I now describe as “touchable and tangible”!


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