Our Commitment to You

I believe with all of my heart, most of the cruel and destructive actions of any person, are created out of a heart that is living in unending emotional pain. Emotional pain that is present because of a life lived separated from God!

Each of us are born into this separation. And whether we believe in God or not, we still feel His absence. We feel alone, afraid, unprotected, unneeded, unwanted, and unloved. And as a result of this “God void” in our lives, and the emotional pain it produces, all of us begin to look for a “God substitute” to fill the emptiness.

As a child, we look to our parents. As a teenager, to our friends. As a young adult, to a husband or wife. Later, we look to jobs or careers, children, or even a religion or ministry. But no matter the source, again and again, we are forced to face the fact that none of our “God substitutes” have the ability to fill this empty void!

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