With God it’s okay to be human. His love for you goes beyond every flaw, fault, offense, and sin. Humans are flawed. It’s the reason we need God. And it is okay with Him that you’re human.

One of the most beautiful aspects of relationship with God is that He doesn’t require us to perform for Him. In fact He knows we are incapable of doing that. Yet the difficult part is getting us to believe that truth after centuries of being told exactly the opposite. …Not sure if you agree?

Think about this - We are told that the “law” was given to us as a teacher (Gal. 3:24). So what were we suppose to learn from all of those rules and regulations? That NO ONE is capable of living a Godly standard on their own. Isn’t that true? If you really know yourself, and are honest…you know it is. We just don’t have the ability to keep all of those rules. Besides…isn’t that why Jesus came, why He gave His life for you? Because of the fact that you and I are flawed? That it’s just not in us to live flawless lives on our own?

So if true, understanding this, do we now just forget all about the rules? And sin all we want without guilt?  … ABSOLUTELY NOT! Our inheritance is greater than that! Come on remember! Jesus promised you a “righteousness that is not your own” (Phil. 3:9). What does that mean? A righteousness that IS YOUR OWN is one based on YOUR ability to gut it up and just do the right things. Or that is dependent upon YOUR self-will and determination. …So a “righteousness that is not our own” is one that doesn’t originate from you, or come about because of any effort you make.

Now if we believe that, then how does God give us this righteousness…one that is not our own? Jesus said that except we “abide in Him, and Him in us…we can do nothing”. And that’s true concerning how we live. Whether we live kind, loving lives with our hearts given to God devoid of lawlessness and destructive habits. Whether we live righteously. So if this “righteousness” doesn’t come about by our efforts, how do you receive this “God created” goodness? …This “God in us, us in Him” creation? This creation of righteousness only happens when our hearts are completely God’s according to II Chron. 16:9. And it also only happens by the joining of His presence within us. So how can you begin to experience this union in a practical way?

First of all acknowledge it will never happen by your efforts. NEVER! So come to God right now recognizing your complete desperate dependence upon Him for this change in your life. Like David in Psalms 51 come asking Him to create in you a new and clean heart. And come empty-handed, without any man-created spiritual striving. How will you know this has happened? …A great stillness will come over you. And once it does, in total dependence NOW ask the Holy Spirit to cause this miracle of “God in us, us in Him” to become a reality in you for that day.

Do you now see it? Yes, you are free not to perform. Free not to struggle to fix something that can never be fixed. But with God in you, and you in Him you will NOW discover a new creation. A righteous creation. Because you will discover by His presence within you that you are not just experiencing a “positional righteousness” created by Jesus’ sacrifice for you…but now living a practical righteousness because of His “active” presence within you.

STOP STRUGGLING TO DO THE IMPOSSIBLE! Come to grips with the truth! With God it’s okay to be human. His love for you goes beyond every flaw, fault, offense, and sin. Humans are flawed. It’s the reason we need God. And it is okay with Him that you are human.

So right now, be STILL! …Let the Holy Spirit do what He does best. …LET HIM CREATE IN YOU A CLEAN HEART!

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