An overwhelming connection to God happens when our “heart becomes completely His” according to II Chron. 16:9. But the difficulty here is complex. If we really understand having a heart (thoughts and feelings) that is completely God’s, then we also realize this change only happens by a work of the Holy Spirit. A work made even more implausible by the fact that we actually rarely just “seek God”.

The problem here is made more complex by the fact that most often what we call “seeking God” is actually us seeking Him to change something in our lives. …Rather than actually seeking to be close to God. Understand? We tend to pray or seek God to make us feel better, take away our loneliness, protect us, heal us, repair our broken heart, give us a better job, or a raise, change a relationship, and even just to “feel the emotions” that His Presence produces. …Rather than just seeking to be close to Him. In other words, rarely do we go to God with a single purpose to have the most intimate relationship with Him that is possible. So the result is…we never, if rarely just SEEK HIM with our whole heart. …And the outcome of this fact? God continues to feel distant and far away.

For those who are interested I have included a handout here that I use when I teach on a touchable and tangible God. (Feel free to copy) It helps provide an answer and more in-depth look at what does a heart that is “completely God’s” look like, and how does one have God create that heart. For those who already, or are considering doing the “International 30 Day Spiritual Experiment” found under “Encouragement” on this website it may be of great help. A complete video teaching on this subject called A Touchable and Tangible God is found in the “store”.

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