Healing? Are we really experiencing what God promised? Think about it. If you believe what Jesus taught, you believe God lives inside of you! The Creator of the universe? Loves enough to die for you? Whose Presence can only be described in powerful emotional terms – love that destroys all fear, peace that cannot be explained?  Shouldn’t that make a real difference in our health? So how DO WE EXPLAIN this discrepancy?   

 I Cor. 11:29-31 speaks of healing not taking place in the lives of followers of Jesus because of a person “not discerning the Lord’s body”. But catch this: the word “Lord’s“ is not in the original text. And the word “discerning” (verse 29) and “judge” (verse 31) in the Greek literally means to “separate thoroughly, to withdraw from”. So how does that change the verses? And does it change what we believe about healing?

 Read out loud and listen to the verses as they are accurately written.

 29 For he that eats and drinks unworthily, eats and drinks (a decision against) himself, not (separating thoroughly, withdrawing from) the body.  30 For this cause many are weak and sickly among you, and many sleep (or have died). 31 For if we would (separating thoroughly, withdraw from) ourselves, we should not be judged.

 NOW did you catch that? The writer of I Cor. is telling follower’s of Jesus (Christians) that if when they come to take (Communion, Lord’s supper, Holy Eucharist) and they do not spend the time to become “separated thoroughly” and “withdrawn from” their body in some way…the result will be sickness and even possibly unnecessary death. So what does that mean? …To be “separated thoroughly” and to “withdraw from” the body?

 And did Jesus ever imply something of this nature? Yes He did. In Luke 9:23 Jesus said “If ANY will come after me, (follow me, become my disciple) let them deny themselves and take up their cross DAILY…”  The word “deny” here means to “disavow, reject, to abnegate” oneself. And what does that mean? …It means to “withdraw” from being focused on yourself. How? By allowing the Holy Spirit time to help you “withdraw” from the cares of the world.

 …Or in other words, to seek God’s work in a moment of time to help and cause you to withdraw from the weight of your responsibilities, your demands, your relationships, your goals, your job or career…to withdraw from all that would distract you from an intimate love relationship with God. To “withdraw from” so you can now be “separated thoroughly”, completely in your heart (thoughts and feelings) unto God as belonging to Him. “Not your own”, but as one who has been “bought with a price”. And the result?

 II Chron. 16: 9 tells us, “For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself STRONG in behalf of them whose heart is completely His”. The word “Strong” here means for God to seize an individual, attach Himself to them…so as to become their strength. And one of the areas it is talking about here is God’s desire to “cure”, or heal you! NOW DO YOU SEE THE VALUE OF THIS TIME OF BECOMING “SEPARATED THOUROUGHLY” UNTO GOD?

 This time of being still, coming away from all the demands the world throws at you, from all it convinces you is of unparalleled value… This time that you MUST give to the Holy Spirit each day is a time for Him to “withdraw” you from the cares of this world, and “separate” you “thoroughly” unto Himself. And the result if this happens? That you become so “thoroughly separated” unto Him, your heart “thoughts and feelings” so completely Him…that God NOW “seizes you, attaches Himself to you, and becomes your strength” …And for what purpose? One reason? …TO CURE YOU, TO HEAL YOU!

 TODAY take the time and come away unto God. Withdraw from the cares of the world within your life. Allow the Holy Spirit the time to change your heart to become “completely God’s”. …And see what miracles happen! 

 NOTE: For anyone interested in this process of God attaching Himself to you, and how it happens…the video series “Touchable and Tangible God” in the “store” would be of much help to explain how it can begin to happen in your life.

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One Response to “Healing? Are We Really Experiencing What God Promised?”

  1. Rod, you have a way of saying things in such a way, that if we listen deeply to the meaning, hope is ignited. I “feel” the words: “BECOMING “SEPARATED THOROUGHLY” UNTO GOD. They bring me close to the fact that Christ IS my very life, breath, “cure” and yes, my health. To be in Him and Him in me; to know His life as my own; His whole and healthy life-now in me as me. Wow. I need do nothing more than believe in the One God sent and certainly I need do no less.