We are told after God forgives our sins, from that point on…He will remember them no more (Heb 10:16-17). No, God doesn’t have Divine amnesia. Don’t be silly. But what He does promise is that your past failures will never be brought up again. Nor will He ever use them to prove a point about you in the future. Sad isn’t it that we as humans are slow to learn this God trait. FORGIVE SOMEONE TODAY-REALLY FORGIVE THEM!

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2 Responses to “Forgive Someone Today – Really Forgive Them!”

  1. Sometimes it takes more than a day to lay down an offense against us and not be tempted to pick it back up again — if just to make a point. Thank you, Father, that you are patient and remember that we are sheep! Forgiveness may be a process in our lives–but it sure is worth it!

  2. Machelle, don’t know about you, but sometimes I pick up the offence again. That’s normal. But this life is not about you or me doing everything right. But about God becoming touchable and tangible in our lives as a result of the life exchange (God in us, us in Him)actually happening. …And as a result, I see in that moment the “new creation”!