Tired of hearing me talk about a touchable and tangible God? I understand. Is it really all that important? Important that God become this real, this…tangible in your life? What I found is that without your relationship with God being this close, this real – so much of what Jesus promised life would be like with Him…just doesn’t happen. DO YOU THINK THIS IS TRUE?

Sure there is some sense of peace or joy that is gained, and even felt, when we convince ourselves of some aspect of God’s nature – His love for us, His compassion, His grace. And I admit coming to a place where someone really, really believes these truths…has great merit. But it’s not the same. Do you know what I mean? Anyone who has ever experienced both, who has experienced God in a tangible way – knows the difference. That would be like me reading a great book about my wife Kathy…but never spending time with her, never talking face to face, never sharing our hearts together. …And somehow convincing myself this was okay? That we are close?

The problem with God not being touchable and tangible in our lives is that we were never meant to live that way. The result? Any person who is living without this God intimacy (even Christians) exists in some realm of daily emotional pain. The 1999 Surgeon General’s report on mental illness in America reported that 1 in 4 Americans are suffering from some form of mental illness.

So why are so many having such little contact with God? And how can someone change their relationship with Him to be more intimate?

II Chron. 16:9 promises an overwhelming connection to God (touchable and tangible) will happen when our “heart becomes completely His” But the difficulty here is complex. If we really understand having a heart (thoughts and feelings) that is completely God’s, then we also realize this change only happens by a work of the Holy Spirit (Psalms 51 – a separate teaching).

So how does this happen? The problem is made even more difficult by the fact that most often what we call “seeking God” is in fact just us seeking for Him to change something in our lives. …Rather than us actually seeking to be close to God. Think about that? Don’t you think so? (I don’t know about you, but personally I am so often guilty of this!)

…We tend to pray or seek God to make us feel better, take away our loneliness, protect us, heal us, repair our broken heart, give us a better job or a raise, change a relationship, etc. Or even seek God just to “feel the emotions” that His Presence produces. …Rather than just seeking to be close to Him. (Nothing wrong with asking for these things) But rarely do we go to God with the single purpose (refusing to talk or think about anything else) to just seek this intimate relationship with Him. So the result is…we never, if rarely seek Him with our whole heart! Do you see that? …And the outcome of this fact? God continues to feel distant and far away.

Do something different today (and every day): Seek God with your whole heart! Put aside every care or worry, every relationship, every goal, dream and wish. Refuse to talk with Him about anything but your desire to be close to Him…touchable and tangible. 

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One Response to “2010 SEPT. TEACHING: Is It Really All that Important That God Becomes Touchable and Tangible In Your Life ?”

  1. Charlene Santefort says:

    Earlier today I told God that I would rather not be able to speak than to speak what is not truth. I KNOW I cannot do this on my own. Therefore, I “put aside every care or worry, every relationship, every goal, dream and wish. I “refuse to talk with Him about anything but my desire to be close to Him….touchable and tangible.” And to satan’s accusation that “I lack the faith to do this I say, “even that is a gift from God.” AMEN!