CANADA UPDATE: Could I believe what I was seeing? It had been years since I had seen anything like this. In fact, 40 years. Young people all across America, those who had checked out of society and wanted nothing to do with the establishment (especially the church), now were seen everywhere weeping because of their love for Jesus. It was the kind of response that isn’t produced by knowledge about God. That can only go so deep.  And the emotions are only temporary. What we saw and experienced then was far beyond that. Touching God so close, with such intimacy, that one’s emotions are for life now scarred with the need to live always in this God closeness.

…Now, within my mind was the thought, “Is it beginning again? Is this what I am seeing happen?”

I had been in Canada for almost two weeks. High in the mountains of Alberta, closed off from the world. For days, I had poured out my heart about the “church” walking away from God intimacy. …Choosing instead to have Him become the supplier of their “god-substitutes”. And how in the process, so many had lost this God intimacy. So much so that the God distance now felt was considered normal within “cultural Christianity”. …And then finally, I had issued a challenge for all to commit to a 30 day spiritual experiment. One where each person asked God to change their heart. To cause it to become completely His. I had warned it would take total surrender. One that on their own they were not capable of. But one that God could create within them as they opened their hearts to Him. Opened their hearts in four different areas (Years earlier God had revealed four areas of heart change that are commonly found within a person who has had an unusual encounter with God). NOW I WAS WATCHING IT HAPPEN AMONG THESE YOUNG PEOPLE IN CANADA! …

 It has been over six weeks now. Read this recent report I received on Facebook from one young lady.

Erin and Rod

Erin Beusekom  August 10 at 3:08pm  I finished the challenge. It’s safe to say it’s the best I have ever taken. …God is very present. He is touchable and tangible. He is the answer to everything, I know that. He has showed me so much of His love these last few weeks. It amazing to see him work in the lives of the other people doing the challenge. …There is so much to learn. I am going to have questions and concerns, so keep in touch. Love you and miss you. Erin 

I replied, “Love you so much. Truth? Never suppose to stop the challenge.” She replied, “Never will!”
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